: 2005 Escalade navigation addresses

08-18-09, 11:57 PM
Just got the new navigation disk for our 2005 Escalade( missing disk when purchased), but I am having trouble entering an address we need to use fairly soon.
The address we have only consists of this format: 1234 U S Highway 123 W
Town and State.
It doesn't seem to matter what I put in, the nav system can't seem to find it.
Any suggestions?
\Many thanks in advance, these forums are great!!

08-19-09, 12:15 AM
when it asks for street .... type only "123"

US highway 123 should come up as a choice when you hit "next"

also, make sure your in the right "region", mine somehow reset to florida's region and it took me a month to figure out why none of the addresses worked.