: Need Help: 91 Turn Signal flashes in wierd pattern???

08-18-09, 11:32 PM
I was driving my 1991 Brougham today and my turn signals I noticed started doing the wierdest thing? They turned on fine but after a few flashes the flashing sped up, and then went back to normal, then flashed a few times normally and sped up again. I tried both sides and they both acted the same way???? They have never done this before??? All bulbs seemed to be working? What could cause this???? What should I look at???:confused:

08-19-09, 12:08 AM
Replace the flasher. It is attached to the side of the steering column. Take out the screws holding the knee bolster in (its only like 4) and you can't miss it. It is a little silver canister, about 1 inch by 1 inch. You can get a nice electronic flasher at Autozone for $6.

08-19-09, 12:43 AM
I don't know why everyone insists on getting electronics from Autozone. Autozone doesn't carry the correct parts for GM vehicles. GM uses AC Delco electronics, which are only available at Advance Auto or an authorized AC Delco distributor. Parts from Autozone will work, but they will fail prematurely because they are not designed to the exact electrical specifications that GM requires AC Delco to meet.