: 2002 air ride compressor issue

08-18-09, 11:01 PM
I read previous posts on the malfunctions. My compressor runs but has no compressed air coming out of the unit. I disconnected the hose and got no air coming out at all. Is the compressor unit itself repairable or do I buy a complete unit?


08-18-09, 11:08 PM
I doubt they make parts or if its even worth fixing it.... I see them for $179 from Arnott .... 1 year warranty

08-19-09, 07:18 PM
It's not too hard of a job to remove from the truck, so you might wanna have a close look at it. Maybe the intake is plugged up? Inlet hose is in the area of the fuel filler cap (????). A defect exhaust solenoid may also cause a no output issue. If you have a look at previous posts you can find the wiring diagram for the plug on the compressor itself, and power it up on your workbench with a spare 12V source. As Lux said replacements are not too expensive...

08-20-09, 07:20 PM
Where is the compressor located? I have a 2006 Escalade.


08-20-09, 07:34 PM
right behind the drivers side rear wheel on my EXT .... would think its the same on a reg. Escalade. Just get on the ground and look up right after the wheel, you cant miss it.... about the size of a football, maybe a tad smaller.

09-03-09, 08:38 PM
I looked under my rear seats and saw a black box. Its a bosch. Is that my relay for the compressor?

09-03-09, 08:50 PM
The bosch black box should be for the URPA (back-up sensors) .............. The relay should be in the engine bay, attached to the outside of the fuse box like a barnacle...

09-04-09, 01:21 AM
didnt we just play this game...

09-04-09, 10:45 AM
lol yes you guys did. Its jsut a pain to search and read a million posts.

09-04-09, 09:14 PM
didnt we just play this game...

LOL! like 40+ times this month