View Full Version : 200-4r shifts late when cold

Angry Matt
08-18-09, 07:00 PM
Anybody know what could cause my tranny to shift very late, but only for about the first 10 minutes of driving? Do these have vacuum modules? Transmissions are not my department.

08-19-09, 01:20 AM
Need a little more information; what car (FWB I'm assuming), which shift points, and how cold?

If it is doing it only when the transmission is cold, then that indicates that the fluid is too thick to be directed through the oil passages and to the components it needs to control. So the oil passages may be restricted with dirt and grime. Have the transmission flushed by a reputable transmission repair shop.

The quantity and quality of the fluid is vital to shift quality. Next time you drive the car, and after the engine has reached operating temperature, check the transmission fluid level (with the engine running). Also look at the color of the fluid; it should be pink. If there is white milky foam on the dipstick, then the fluid has been contaminated and the transmission needs to be flushed. This image should give you an idea of what service needs to be done based on the fluid color.


08-19-09, 10:35 AM
Also, proper fluid level is essential. Low level will cause slow engagement when cold.

Angry Matt
08-19-09, 07:23 PM
It's the '81 fwb v6. I checked the level first thing when I got it and it looked good and so did the color. It only does it when I first start to drive it. It's about 90 degrees out so it's not that cold. Once the engine warms up it goes away. It does it through at least first through third.

08-19-09, 07:53 PM
If the fluid is good, then the passages are probably clogged with scum. Flushing the fluids is always a good idea when purchasing a used car, because you have know idea what the previous owner did. The fluid looks good, but they could have just done a drain and fill and left all the crap in the lines.

I don't think the 200-4R had a vacuum modulator, only a throttle valve.