: Issues with gmos-06 still?

08-18-09, 03:18 PM
I have a 2003 Deville base and I am going to be replacing the head unit.

I know I need a GMOS-06 adapter to keep the onstar and data bus happy. I did some searching around on this forum and found that the gmos 06 can cut out once and while? The posts were all from a year or more ago....is this still the case? Does the gmos-06 have problems still? Is there a particular model?

Just haven't seen anyone post recently about it...

Also, is it basically plug and play? Will I need to run any constant power wires anywhere?


08-22-09, 11:11 AM
It is plug and play, no running wires, although you may have a little problem fitting the module behind the radio. I extended all my wires and installed the module under the drivers knee bolster, which made it a lot easier.

As far as the problems with the GMOS-06, I can tell you first hand that I've seen about a 30-40% failure rate with the Metra Axxess pieces. A very few doa, but more often some form of audio/onstar problems. I've been using the PAC modules here at work and they seem to be MUCH better, I can't think of any problems I've had from them. Nothing's 100% perfect, but these are as close as I've seen. The one for your car would be PAC part # OS2-GM32 should you decide to go that direction.

09-11-09, 04:42 PM
Just man up and relocate the stock headunit. It will take longer to get it done but once you complete that there is no issues.