View Full Version : 2000 STS motor mount help?

08-17-09, 10:15 PM
Hi all. I recently bought a 2000 STS for cheap. Has a banging noise I traced to to a broken mount. Actually...the bracket for the mount. Broken clean in half. Not sure if it would be considered a motor or tranny mount. It's on the lower rear of the passenger side. Bracket seems to be cast aluminum? The upper portion of said bracket is bolted to the engine just rearward of the crank pulley.

Can anyone give me some enlightenment on this "bracket"?? Is it an available part somewhere, and is it difficult to replace?

I have a shop manual ordered for the car, but haven't got it yet. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

08-18-09, 03:00 PM
A junkyard pull would be your best bet. This is the first I've ever heard of the rear motor mount breaking... usually it's the front one, next to the radiator, that fails.

08-18-09, 05:11 PM
I thought I read that this was a problem on the STS and there was a TSB issued - this sounds familiar