: Desimone Cadillac in Mount Laurel NJ

08-17-09, 06:52 AM
When my engine seized while driving they would only to me to the nearest dealer which happened to be Desimone Cadillac in Mount Laurel NJ. keep in mind I live over 70 miles away in Delaware. Anyway took them a month to replaces the engine then when they called me to come it up there was a check engine light on. So it was a total waste of me driving 70 miles and the cars not ready.

While walking around the sales floor not 1 salesman came out to ask if they could help me. I guess I don't fit their demographic if you get my drift.

Anyway came back to get the car which they said was ready. Well half way home the car had a random bucking while i was on the highway. All of a sudden I only had 1 gear....so I called onstar but told them i refuse to go back to Desimone Cadillac in Mount Laurel NJ. They refer me to a dealer in DE so that was great. after a few days i get a call from the dealer stating the trans cooler line was not connected and my tranny ran out of fluid.

I guess what i am tring to say is dont bring your car to Desimone Cadillac in Mount Laurel NJ!!:tisk:

12-26-09, 08:17 PM
i remember your car, a low production model with a supercharged engine ,
your engine seized due to lack of oil,the oil level needs to be checked
at every fuel fill,not when the light comes on,obviously we have many
satisfied customers as we have been in business since 1966,however
sometimes things do go wrong as was the case w/your vehicle
a complicated engine that was very hard to get,we really do care and
try to make every visit a pleasant one,hope your car is ok now,remember
the fluids are very important,you should ck them once a week at least
this would have prevented the damaged done to your engine