: 1995 cadillac deville radio

08-17-09, 02:57 AM
hello i have a 1995 cadillac deville radio, now when i bought it it had a aftermarket radio in it, i want to find out if it is a bose system or not, how do i see if it is,

and second question is

will a 1997 cadilac deville factory radio fit in my 1995 and hook up with any problems, i want to get the cd player factory radio

please help

08-18-09, 07:34 PM
no a 97 radio will not work
95 had no bose option only standard and Active Audio
if you have an aftermarket doesnt it have a cd player thus fixing your problem

05-31-10, 12:02 AM
Did the 95 deville have an optional radio/cassette/CD dash unit? Or did it have a CD changer in the trunk as an option? If anyone knows please let me know.

Many Thanks,