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08-17-09, 01:57 AM
I have an '05 Escalade ESV, and looking to spice up the grill without buying from the selection (limited, in my research, because I'm looking for something simple and a little more inexpensive) available. So I was thinking about a "spray-paint" chrome kit. I found one called "Killer Cans" by Alsa, and it looks good, an entire kit (base, topcoat, etc) for $115…*But I wanted to know if anyone else has made the conversion first, and what you used, how did it come out/do you like the results, etc. I think it would look real good on my black truck. My stock grill is almost a like a dull metallic sand color, with a top chrome trim separating it from the hood, and the emblem in its chrome setting in the dead center (my photo album will show you pics of the truck)…*I'm still in college thats why I'm not going to a full custom shop to have something like this done lol. Thanks y'all.

08-17-09, 02:55 AM
I tried one of those "chrome paint" spray paint once and it faded to gray after driving in some rain. I painted some emblems on my old pontiac with it - maybe I did not do it right but thats my experience...

08-17-09, 11:22 AM
Alsa corp make very high end products, not at all like widely available spray can paint products. I have used many of their fabrics, formed vinyls and paint and it is top notch stuff. Their chrome kit should look great and hold up well but keep in mind that any painted surface can wear or fade to some extent. You may get almost as good a result with generic spray chrome paint and then have a local body shop shoot it with clear urethane.

08-17-09, 12:21 PM
I have used products by Alsa, they are good, but I feel the chrome paint would chip on the grill, as said maybe a coat of clear would help with that. There are companies that do chrome plating on plastic like http://www.hotrodlane.cc/ , they did many engine parts in chrome for me and their work was first class

08-19-09, 12:20 AM
I appreciate the help everyone. I'm trying to stay away from having someone do it, I like the DIY part, especially if its going to make my truck look better haha.

I was definitely going to do a clear coat on top if I do this. But for now I'm not just because of the time I'm finding these products need to dry. Going back to school in less than a week, and still have to move in, no way I can do it right now. But thanks for the input!

08-20-09, 03:19 PM
I have a black EXT and had the grill color-matched in gloss black "blacked out" and it looks great! The only chrome left is the hood trim and surrounding chrome that runs the perimeter of the grill itself and of course the emblem. I'm not claiming any originality because I do see others from time to time but it's a lot less common than the plain grey/silver stock grill color. I was tempted to go for a mesh grill but the price for the real deal & the cutting to install swayed me away from it. Good luck in whatever choice you make.

08-20-09, 04:59 PM
dang all black?? that actually sounds awesome too…*do you have a picture I could see of it? I'm doing anything to the grill yet but that definitely sounds like an option for mine

08-20-09, 05:47 PM
From what J-Ridez is explaining, I did mine the same way...

Here's mine.




08-20-09, 06:33 PM
wow.... that looks really, really good lol... I think that looks much better and more subtle than chrome

08-20-09, 08:04 PM
wow.... that looks really, really good lol... I think that looks much better and more subtle than chrome

Me too. I really took my time before I decided what to do with it. When I bought my truck, the stock grill was spray painted black and a billet grille what painted black and put over it.

Here's the only pic I had of it.


I was thinking of doing the ESV Platinum all chrome grill, but after a LOT of comparing and debating, I did the black and I'm glad I did. Subtle, yet different. I like it a lot.

BTW, I still have the grill, hood piece, and billet cover shown above if anyone wants it....

08-20-09, 08:04 PM
I would Black it out, I wouldn't try chroming it yourself.

08-21-09, 01:17 PM
that looks good too…*nathanjax how much are you looking to get rid of those pieces for? and is the wreath really blacked out as well?

ps Boombotz, nice sig wit hthe bug crawlin across my screen haha

08-21-09, 03:38 PM
nathanjax how much are you looking to get rid of those pieces for? and is the wreath really blacked out as well?