: Drive train noises

08-16-09, 09:16 AM
Can anyone tell me if there are any distinctive drive train noises that point to one thing or another??

Is there a true distinctive tell tell sound for:

Bad wheel bearings?
Bad Front diff?
Bad transfer case?

I have a whinning sound most evident above 40 mph that sort of gets less noticable when you are on the gas pedal. Louder once you let off the gas.

I am having this wonderful mechanical work or art serviced next week. When I bought this truck a year and a healf ago, the had the front diff rebuilt before I bought it. They even gave me the paperwork on it as proof.
Can the front diff be bad again so quickly.

I had it looked at when I had the tranny rebuilt. Nother horror story by the way.
They said from what they could tell there was niose in the front diff and the transfer case....
Are they just looking to make some money?
Helping me with a "NOISE" description would help me anyway.

THANKS GUYS!!! :banghead: