: Use Anti-Seize on Brake Bleeder & Brake Line Threads?

08-16-09, 02:25 AM
Replacing my brake system this week...New lines, hoses, master cyrlnder, disc and drums on my 1970...

Should I use anti-seize on the threads on the fittings to help in getting things apart in the future when I do some more restoring on the car...

08-16-09, 07:03 AM
You shouldn't have to. The bleeders don't have to be cranked down as tight as most people have a tendency to do. There is a tapered fit between valve and seat. The fit should be snugged, then just turned a bit more to ensure seating tight enough to prevent back off. If you cover the bleeder hole with plastic cap ( sometimes comes with the cylinder or caliper ), you will prevent road debris and moisture from gumming up the works.

08-17-09, 12:52 AM
Putting a little on won't hurt, and will save you a headache down the road. If you're the kind of person who drives the car as often as you can, but doesn't service it in the same manner, then the bleeders probably won't be touched for years. After a few years, it couldn't hurt to have a little insurance that nothing is going to get screwed up when you try loosen the bleeders.