: Are these fair prices?

08-16-09, 01:57 AM
I found a Ferguson's Auto Center where I live and as you may know, Ferguson's Auto Center is a AC/Delco Key Service Center. I got these prices on a tune-up and labor on replacing the EGR Valve and TPS sensor. I found a local shop that will replace the TPS sensor (labor only) for $28 but they don't seem professional.

The lube, oil filter, oil change and basic tune-up with the factory recommended AC Platinum Spark Plugs is $238.00. Replacement of the EGR valve is $42.00. Replacement of the TPS is $84.00.

08-16-09, 02:03 AM
I replaced the TPS sensor on my car. Its super easy to get to, just take off the air cleaner and you're looking right at it bolted to the throttle body. Took all of 15 minutes to replace. I don't know where the EGR is located on these cars, but if its in an easy to get at space, I'd just do it yourself as well.

Plugs are kind of a PITA and take some time, but they're pretty easy to get at from underneath with the wheel removed. It just takes time.

08-16-09, 02:19 AM
I don't think anyone wants to see a repeat of you last mega thread, so take the car to Ferguson's. $364.00 isn't that heavy of a toll to have your car professionally repaired. This way you have peace of mind that the problem has been fixed correctly and you don't have to constantly worry about it being wrong because you misunderstood our directions.