: Bluetooth and Conference Calls

08-16-09, 12:24 AM
I tried getting my iPhone with Bluetooth "stored tags" "digital dial" working with my company's conference call system (Raindance) today with no luck. Here are the steps if I'm leading the call:

1.) Dial Conference number: 888-xxx-xxxx
2.) Dial Passcode: 1234567#
3.) If leader dial *
4.) Dial Leader code: 1234

Would like to do this handsfree when I'm leading the conference call. I can use Tags to dial the conference call and enter the passcode but can't get the * to work in time so I can input my leader code. Anyway to create a "pause"? Anyone able to figure this out? Thanks.........

08-18-09, 07:04 PM
type on your phone.. only way i have found to do this.

since there is no keypad in the V