: How hard is it to take off the front bumper?

Unique Distributing
08-15-09, 12:12 PM
Hey guys

so i want to change a lightbulb in my headlight and I hear you have to take off the front bumper to access the back of the headlight.. anyone have any idea on how hard it is to take off the bumper and if so .. how to even do it?
I dont want to take it to the dealership to pay them 80$ to just change a bulb so I figured I would ask around here and maybe someone can guide me through it.


08-15-09, 12:34 PM
80 sounds good. I have heard of people being charged up to 200, just to change a bulb. The first time I took my bumper off it was not too hard, but it did take me 2-3 hours to take it off and put it back on.

But now that I have done it i can do it in an hour or so, depending on why I am taking it off. Others have said on here that you only have to remove the air filter box and fuse box and then you have access to the back of the lights, this is somewhat true, but I have found it easier to take the bumper off than do this. When I tried the fuse box/ air box method, you can still only get to three of the four screws that hold on the back cover to the headlight. And although you can with some time cramming your hand in there, take the bulb out, its a real pain in the ass.

My suggestion is unless you want to do something else like change your little bulb in the headlight or install HIDs,or if you just like doing stuff yourself, then $80 is not bad at all to do it.

I have been planning on doing a step by step write up on doing this, but have been very busy. If you do end up wanting to take it off yourself maybe I could provide some quick instructions.

Unique Distributing
08-15-09, 01:24 PM
ya that would be great if you could. the reason I want to take it off is because i have one of those little marker bulbs inside the headlight blown and I am just gonna change them both to LED. so paying 80$ to just switch a little bulb is kinda crazy. i mays well do it my self if i can get some guidence

08-15-09, 01:39 PM
I dont have time to post a write up right now, so give me your email and I will send you pictures and help you out as best I can.

08-15-09, 02:25 PM
Took us about 20 minutes.

Unique Distributing
08-15-09, 04:21 PM

KSTS leme know how u did it in 20 min

08-15-09, 04:50 PM
took it to carstar north ridgeville, tom kelly jacked up the right hand side, and we buzzed out about 8 bolts and 10 clips at bottom of bumper.

08-17-09, 04:44 PM
K just did it this weekend. There are a bunch of clips holding the bumper below to the bottom plastic engine cover that you must remove, also 2 clips attatched to the rear of that little lower grill. Then remove the plastic engine covers, some of those clips are also on the bumper plastic, and there are several other clips under the hood on the sides. finally get in behind the front of the wheelwells, (easiest to just remove the covers under there) and there are two bolts on each side. One is the whole bolt u remove and the other is a nut putting tension on a bolt that remains in, but has a little sliding hole where it attatches, so once the bolts are removed u can just bump the bumper forward about half and inch and there u go, the bumper is off. If you want to completely move it out of your way then remove the wire harnesses to the fogs and the bulbs in the sidemarkers. Also if you have the headlight washers have a bucket ready! When you detatch the tube there most of the washer fluid will be draining out of the resevoir.
So now with the lights - Had to do some trial and error. I have HIDs so those are left alone. For the high beams got Piaa tera LEDs on ebay that turned out to be more like 9006 than 9005 bulbs (ebay add mentioned they worked for both) but they will not lock in. Next tried some generic LED 9005s from ebay since Piaa doesn't have any. Not bright at all, can hardly tell they were on since the low beams r still on. Next went to Piaa Plasma Halogens, works great. Now the little third light.. First had the 194 tera bulb (By far the brightest) to long to fit in the little hole. So I tried some of the cheaper bulbs - Piaa 19407 super dimple still a little big - what fits the Piaa 19263 bulb. Now its not too bright but you can see it fine and IMO looks better than having an amberish bulb up there. Surprisingly the factory bulbs that were there were blue bulbs like aftermarket hyperwhites, but obviously not a hyperwhite bulb.