: Peeling clear coat on wheels

08-13-09, 04:46 PM
Washed the car last weekend, and noticed some 'dull' looking spots on 2 wheels. On closer inspection, with my glasses, the clear coat has peeled from several spots, mostly at the lip where the side of the of the spoke meets the middle of the rim, and between the valve stem and the lip. I have not seen this happen on several other cars and pick-up trucks with clear coated wheels I have owned. What causes this? Can I do anything to stop the peeling? The car is under CPO warranty. Anyone have any luck getting this fixed under warranty? I found several posts on wheel clear coat issues, and understand I can polish the spots periodically so they don't look too bad, but did not see answers to these questions. Pardon me if this is old news, and point me at the posts.

08-13-09, 05:05 PM
It does happen. I had this problem with a Buick Regal and GM replaced them--unfortunately it happened again the next year. By then I just traded the car--of course this was in michigan and I'm sure the salt and gravel was part of it.