View Full Version : '05 to '09 chrome?

08-13-09, 03:02 PM
Anyone chromed an '05 to the new '09 look? Doesn't look like TOO much has changed besides for the sides and wheel vents. How hard are the vents to do? I suppose one could aquire them from a dealership...

08-14-09, 03:14 PM
The vents would be okay, I think they'd go best on a black one. But assuming that the 09 chrome is the same as an 07...you wouldn't have to add much to an 05. But when you do, it's gonna look funny. It has chrome door trim running right by the badging, as well as the window sill. Then you would chrome the bumper, which will look really weird because it doesn't have a straight-lined rectangular step pad.

I think you should leave it as it is and just go for the vents. They're not that bad of an install. The body shop would have to remove the fenders and cut holes in them and secure the vents, as far as I know and from what I read. If you do it, post pictures, as we are heavily considering adding an 05 Platinum to the family. :)