: !991 Brougham Throttle sticks

08-13-09, 01:21 AM
Hello i bought a 1991 Brougham and it sat of a few years when i drove it home the gas was hard to push down . Over time it got softer and was ok for 2 / 3 months then i'm zipping down the freeway at 70 and much to my suprize the throttle was stuck open :suspense:.

I got the car stopped and found that with my hand i could make it close so i had some old school carb return springs that got me home .

The problem or so i thought was the throttle sensor since when i took it off the throttle body would close like a charm . So i installed a new one and all was fine for 6 months i travel 300 miles aday so at mile 150 the check engine light came on when i lifted off the gas it went out .

I get 2 miles from home and goto stop at a light and the throttle is sticking again the auto parts guy says the throttle body sensor can't make the throttle stick has anybody here ever had a problem like this . P.S i have the 5.7 engine if that matters

08-13-09, 11:16 AM
1. You probably already did this but first check that a floor mat or something isn't catching on the throttle.
2. You probably already did this too but maybe the throttle body needs to be cleaned - carbon deposits may be causing it to stick.
3. Check the condition of the throttle cable itself - start at the pedal and see where it's going through the firewall, etc. I've had a car where the cable got frayed and started getting caught on things and sticking.

08-13-09, 09:25 PM
Ok Friday i will inspect the whole cable . Now that i really think about if after the car sitting for a few years and the fact that the gas petal was hard to press
then getting free after time i bet the cable might have a nick or two on it . thanks for the idea