: Fixing my 92 Brougham - what an idiot I am

08-12-09, 10:52 PM
Finally got some free time in ages to fix up my 92 Brougham, for starters the Drivers window, the motor gave out a while back, and got a new motor for it.

So, after pulling the panel, drilling out the rivets, disconnecting the motor from the regulator with a few painful (to me, too many cuts) to access screws + bolts - pulled it out. Stuck in the new one, thing didn't work. It also did not work disconnected (power only) - my luck, got it a few months back, so much on the return. Anywho, buy a new motor, stick it in - only to find out my window regulator tape is all eaten up.

Ok, not too much of a problem - hit the auto stores - nobody has it (you know, because 1992 is just too old I suppose). Order it online, comes today. Put it in, things are going great, motor sucks the tape in and through fine.

One note, when removing the track stop thingy (on the track side), took me quite a bit to realize I was doing it wrong, jam a screwdriver into the right side, while you push down on it, wihle at the same time, pulling up on it (its odd, yeah, but if you are doing it, you will get it)

Anywho, get the tape installed, go to move the window, it moves less than 1 inch.

Idiotically, I forgot to leave any room for the window to open, no play in the tape. Such a stupid move - luckily have new tape coming tomorrow (just a waste of $$ and time)

Bit of a read, but, needed a good story to go along with it.

Any who, planned for this week for additional to-do's.

Need to fix my ABS, throwing wheel speed sensor errors (front left + right), but the sensors check good (~1100 ohms) , hoping for a bad connection at the ABS module, but not too sure.

Also have new rear shocks coming (max-air), got a good price on them - any comments/advice?

Finally need to start by replacing my plugs (they are always a pain with big arms, "lankyness" would be helpful), thinking of getting AC Delco rapidfires, got a coupon too (always good to get a discount!)


08-14-09, 06:28 PM
Well - got the new regulator tape today, so the window is fixed. Made sure to install it with all play, move the window down, then pull it taut at the motor, and install it, so the window can move up and down with ease now!

As for the shocks - trying to think the best way to jack the car up to work on one side at a time, as I lack a floor jack (no worries, jackstands!) - Any Ideas?


08-15-09, 01:28 AM
I'm sorry.
I have replaced the window motors before and know your pain. The job sucks. A lot.

08-15-09, 02:48 AM
I think I've got you beat . . . .

I helped a friend change the oil on his Honda Civic. Anyways the oil filter is on the back side of the engine, by the firewall(stupid, very hard to reach place BTW). The past two cars I've owned were RWD V8's, with the oil filter on the bottom of the engine next to the oil plug. Kind of hard to forget about the oil filter when its 2" from your forehead.

Of course I blank out and fill the engine with new oil before swapping the filter.:banghead:

Pour the old oil into the new oil bottles, then drain the new oil, then install the new filter, then pour the new oil from the big ass drain pan and try not to spill it, ****:banghead::banghead::banghead:

08-15-09, 01:48 PM
Well, in those small cars they need to jam things in tight, in hard to see and reach places, versus our nice big Cadillacs!

Also - got new shocks today, so going to possibly install them today, depending on the weather (like 90F - fun)

Hopefully my axle wont end up crashing into the driveway!

08-17-09, 05:10 PM
As for the shocks - trying to think the best way to jack the car up to work on one side at a time, as I lack a floor jack (no worries, jackstands!) - Any Ideas?

Jack up one side with a scissor jack, put a jack stand under it, then jack up the other with the scissor jack, put a jack stand under it...

Yeah I've done that multiple times when my floor jack crapped out...

08-17-09, 06:32 PM
Yeah, that is what I ended up doing, alas could not get to the bolts. Hopefully with a long offset wrench (which, should be here Wednesday or so, I will be able to get up in there and hang onto the bolt while removing/reinstalling.

If not, well, lets hope not!