: BMR Wheelhop Installation Question

07-25-04, 12:38 AM
Experienced BMR installation people:

The V is on the ramps. The front pieces went in nice. The back spacers were a little difficult but are in. Now the dowels will now line up and let me raise the the cradle to put the bolts back in the rear!

The instructions say to loosen the front cradle bolts more, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO REMOVE THESE BOLTS COMPLETELY. I have the front bolts about as loose as I dare and still I cannot seem to move the cradle even a little to allow the alignment dowels to slip into place.

Any ideas??

07-25-04, 01:26 AM
I had same problem, figured out when doing the rear alignment pin, you must have the wheels off the floor. At this point, have someone grab a spoke of the rims and pull forward and you will be able to put the rear bolts back in. Remember to torque to 140ft/lbs not 100ft/lbs as in directions. If you get loud popping sound under excel, over bumps, on hard 2nd gear shifts, as I did, lossen bolts, rock the car and retighten. Kit works well, not 100%, but can power shift 2nd and tire just spins, very happy finally.

07-25-04, 01:45 AM
Thanks, I did not try raising the wheels off the ramps. Did you jack on the cradle with the floor jack?

07-25-04, 04:22 PM
I did my installation on a alignment rack, much easier. I used a screw jack to raise cradle enougn to get bolts started. Try to get the cradle against the body before putting the bolts back in as this will remedy any misalignments. A floor jack will work just as well.

07-25-04, 11:47 PM
Thank you for your help.
I was doing it alone so I pulled the wheel with a strap and the dowel lined up great. Sliped the bolt in and tightened it all up.
There was a clunk when I drove it, so I did as you suggested and lossened the bolts and then re-tightened them.
Time to go do some burnouts!

Bob R.
08-08-04, 04:46 PM
Did the clunk go away when you loosened and retightened the bolts? Did you do all four bolts or just the two rear ones? I also have the problem. I am guessing theat the clunk is caused from the cradle rubbing against the dowel. Seems like there should be a tighter fit with this part. Maybe a nylon bushing inside the assembly to keep it centered properly?