: pretty nice sticky from m5board

08-12-09, 03:35 PM
granted they have a lot more vendors and parts to waste their money on trying to get them into the 11s :lol: but the set up is nice and someone really spent some time laying this out to assist those looking for certain upgrades. as more parts develop, this is a good idea and might help to eliminate a lot of the repetition in thread posting as well as help newbs find the answers they seek.


Gotham CTS-V
08-12-09, 03:40 PM
I made a thread like this about a month or 2 ago...it's a good thread where a lot of people chimed in. I wish we could get something nice like this together.

08-12-09, 03:57 PM
Wow...what a thread and a nice, collossal effort to put that together!