: A NAV Feature that WORKS!

08-12-09, 02:50 PM
For all the (justified and otherwise) complaints around here about the STS Navigation system, here's some good news.

Did you know we're having a Chicago area weekend in a couple weeks? The Saturday event is at the Volo Auto Museum in the northwestern 'burbs of Chicago. Would you believe your STS can get you right to the spot!! That's right - it has a 'POI' entry for Volo.
- Route hard button
- POI soft button (the Statue of Liberty icon on my display, top left)
- enter VOLO and scroll down a couple screens to Volo Auto Museum

Right on target! I was so proud of my little Nav :)

If you haven't seen anything about the meet-up and are interested, here's the active threads...

Discussion -> http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/great-lakes/163276-chicago-meet-august-28-30-discussion.html

Sign-up -> http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/great-lakes/172496-chicago-meet-august-2009-signup.html

08-12-09, 03:03 PM
Thanks for that great info.