: Dream Garage

08-12-09, 03:28 AM
After the recent activity concerning a DeVille on ebay, I thought I would share what my ideal dream garage would be. Keep inmind that this isn't a Cloud 9 Dream Garage, but a fairly doable future plan.

My love of Cadillacs begins with the Fleetwood/Brougham model of Cadillacs. There are many exceptional years up until the retirement of the model in 1996. So, lets begin there and journey back in time.

I have always believed that the Fleetwood model ended a legacy in great automobiles with an awesome vehicle. Many on here own a 93-96 model. The first car in my garage would be the last year, a 1996 Fleetwood Brougham. I would love to have one with the CD/Moonroof/Chrome wheel options as well as the other options on the car. I live this model over the others simply, because it is the last year, and I believe the radio and sound offered are better over the previous systems. I did test drive one with all such options 9 years back and kick myself for not snagging it. It was an all black car, and looked sharp with the chrome modeling as well as the chrom wheels.

Studying the Fleetwood model, I have come to find a pattern in my likes. In theory, the last year digit of '6' for fifty years all are favorited by myself for reasons as listed with the 1996. That being said, next to my 96 would rest a 1986 Fleetwood Brougham. It would offer the D'Elegance package. Dimming rearview mirror, auto headlamps, auto dimmer, are a must. Moonroof would not be as important here, but would be nice. Leather or cloth interior also is not an issue. I like the older style dash/radio look in the earlier 80's Fleetwood, over the later 80's Broughams. Also, I am not a fan to the HT4100 engine. That being said, the 86 seems to offer the desires I am interested in. That and also my first Cadillac was a 1986 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance with moonroof, and all the other options with the cloth upolstery.

No on down to the next bay in my garage, would set a 1976 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance. Yes, a D'Elegance over a Talisman. I like the Talisman, but I love that sold loose pillowing seats that year. This also would need the auto dimmer, auto headlamps, 8 track, Cruise, etc. Moonroof, Trackmaster, fuel injection, would be great conversation options to have, but are not a priority. I owned a 75 for a long time and have always loved this era of Cadillac. 76 is the only year to offer the loose pillow seats in the pre downsized years. Like the 96, the 76 is the end of an era for Fleetwood, and I believe it ended with great class.

Currently I own a 1965 Fleetwood, which I like, but it is rather a base model. I like the 65/66 body a little better than the 67/68. 66 is the only year to offer the Brougham package which has the footrests, writing tables, in the body style I prefer. Also, this car would need to have, cruise, tilt/telescope wheel, auto dimmer, auto headlamps, am/fm, door locks, auto trunk and the other great Brougham options. I'd really like it to have the front seat warmer, rear defogger, but again, those are extremely rare.

Before looking at the next stall in the garage, you may be wondering about color of these automobiles. That is truly one aspect of a car that is my least concern. There are those colors I do dislike and would try to shy away from, but most colors do not bother me. So being a semi realistic garage, I am not going to say any car has to be this color or I would not own it.

Last in my '6' lineup would be the 56 Fleetwood. Now a 55 and 56 are extremely close in looks. Minor chrome treatments, grill and tailend differs between them. Each offer a different engine, but I would prefer the 56 if one each would come available. This car would have the autronic eye, power seat, a/c, trunk release, and other standard fleetwood options. Again, I'd love to have the option Eldorado engine with 2 4 barrel carbs and sabre wheels, but I have only seen three for sale in the past 4 years. One currently is for sale with all such options, but needs fully restored.

So there would be the prime of my dream garage. Also present through time, I'd like to own a 1915 to 1931 Cadillac. A V12 or V16 are really pipe dreaming for myself. Model, color, body style, etc are not really important. When one comes across and I like it, I'd buy it. Also, a classic 1959 Cadillac would have to grace my garage. Again, a Fleetwood would be nice, but any model as long as it had a/c power windows, power door locks, power seat, cruise, autronic eye, power trunk, I be driving it home. A tri power car would be awesome, but not as important....

Now I know this seems a but much, but it I just be patient and purchase one as they come along, most of this garage is possible. The garage would have to be larger than your normal two car family garage. One could have as much into the garage or shop to showcase such a holdings, but it too is possible. There is a gentleman near me who owns 10 Cadillacs now in a nice building. He has been collecting them over the years.

Oh I did leave one out. Not until this past year have I really taken an interest in a convertible. There are many wonderful convertible Cadillac, and many wonderful prices to go with them. I think I'd be looking to add to my collection a 68/69 DeVille Convertible. The biggest reason is the biggest amount of power. That 472 engine with all the horsepower and torque. Options would not be really important, just to have a nice convertible to cruise in.

Sorry for the book, but I have been wanting to share this for a long time, and thought now was a good time... Now let's see how far I get...

08-12-09, 05:35 AM
That's great! You're a man with a plan! Go get 'em!!! :) It's fun to think about the possibilities and it's so very nice of you to share your dreams with everyone! Say, by the way, the Fleetwood Brougham option was available starting in the 1965 model year just to set the record straight.

Since it seems like all of us on this forum could talk cars all day every day and, for me, I think about cars constantly and have my own plan that I keep on tweaking day by day as I daydream up what I want to drive and when I think I'll be in a position to actually own and drive them. Here is what I'm thinking about for my automotive future.

I'm going into the undertaking business in 1 1/2 years when I complete school and hope to open my own biz asap. My 3 company cars will be a coordinated set of 1977, 1978 or 1979 Cadillacs including a Superior coach (there is a 1977 on ebay right now that is quite lovely), a factory limousine (probably a non-divider), and a stock Fleetwood Brougham. My plan right now is to have them all painted in a matching light creamy off-white color with custom teal blue tops and interiors. Very Florida and very fun!

By the time I get established and pay off all my debts it would be fun to have a set of custom Rolls-Royce service cars created based on the Silver Shadow II/Silver Wraith II cars. A custom coach, a six-door limousine with formal limousine exterior styling (I have quite a plan for this one), and a long wheelbase sedan (Silver Wraith II) as the company car. To make this work I would somehow put a frame under these cars and replace every mechanical with a brand new Ford drivetrain (I would use GM but until things change I ain't givin' none of my $$$ to Government Motors!) and completely modern yet simple controls and accessories including AC. It would cost a small fortune to do this but probably not that much more than a comparable brand new Cadillac or Lincoln Hearse/Limo/Sedan would cost. The cars will be custom designed by a car designer friend of mine who works for Ford and the style will be fitting with the original intentions of the car and the details will be exquisite. A friend of mine is a RR and Bentley dealer and he is spurring me on to do this and has offered his help to make these cars happen. After owning 5 RR's and a Bentley that I'm sure got his wife a few fur coats and put a zillion $$$'s in his brother's kids college fund by getting my cars fixed in his shop over the past 10 years I decided I'd rather not have the English car mechanical headaches for a set of cars that will be work horses. I want the cool look of these cars but I sure don't want the mechanical hassles. All of these cars will be the trademark creamy off white with teal blue tops. How cool would that be?!?! :)

You may be wondering why creamy off white with medium teal blue tops? As part of the corporate image I want a classic Chris-Craft Commander 410 motoryacht for business and social entertaining and the Chris-Craft hulls from the mid 1980's are almost always creamy off white and adding teal blue striping and canvas would set this ship off beautifully. My plan is to live aboard the Chris Craft at the yacht club. A little over the top? Maybe so, but FUN! :)

Once I wear out my current 79 Cadillac every day car, I figure it should last me until I'm 50 before it blows up or I get sick of it, I plan to drive a 1975 Buick Electra sedan. I'd like the 225 model with a full bench seat although I'd take the Limited or Park Avenue models - I'm flexible as long as the car is NICE. :)

When I get to my 60's I'd love to putt around in a 1975 Olds 98 Regency Sedan since I'll be getting up there in age and what better old man car than an Olds? Love the look of this model year and have always wanted one. I like the 1975 Electra and 1975 Olds 98 better than the last of the line biggie 1976 models for a number of reasons such as the last of the metal grilles and the styling of both 1975 models is more pleasing to my eye. I always see old duffers driving this vintage of Olds 98 and when I'm an old fart I'll look just right in one too!

I'll probably retire in my late 60's or maybe 70's and my thinking at this moment is to make life as easy as possible and buy a new car every year until I make my own visit to the funeral home. I always have wanted a grand funeral and fun cocktail party afterward for my friends and there must be Rolls-Royce funeral cars so my service cars will be kept oiled and running until my own closing time. Morbid? So what! It's what I want. :)

All right, there you have it! Thanks for reading my book! :)

08-12-09, 08:11 AM
On your "Government Motors" thing.. I hope you plan on doing this soon, because once Ford has to pay back all the mortgages on their own factories, they'll be in the same boat. :P

But beyond that, those would be pretty cool cars. Living on the Chris-Craft would be VERY Floridian of you. You make a good transplant into our little state. :)

I think, if I were to ever do something huge after college, I would have a rather long and dreamy list of cars that I would own too.. I could go on for hours about it, to the point where my girlfriend is afraid of when my car will be running (but we all know women come before cars... most of the time.. right? LOL)

08-12-09, 12:05 PM
Sting, I am so happy to be in FL! My blood has thinned out and even the winters here in Sarasota can be cooler than I'd like - - I like tropical all the time! So, I realize the Fleetwood you have was not a car you went out and got on your own yet you sure have an enthusiasm for it. Share sometime what other cars make you excited. I promise not to tell your girlfriend. :)

08-12-09, 12:37 PM
Dude, when your blood thins out its the WORST! I remember moving to MAINE when I was 11, after spending my whole life in Florida... my goodness...

Well... I have a passion for Corvettes. She knows this, and we've already discussed the fact that we will own several at some point.

Specifically -
A '63 Split Window.. My god that's a gorgeous car
A '68 with the tri-power 427.. It might burn gas at a gallon a minute, but it does the same for rubber, so I'm cool with that.
A new ZR1.. That car is amazing. I've seen only one in person, and I almost hit somebody else because I couldn't stop gawking at it.

Someday I'd enjoy an '87 GN. They're really cool, and make good sleepers to the uninformed. I saw one a few weeks ago, and this kid in a Civic was revving his little car to all hell, and when the light turned green, the Civic guy floored it. The GN didnt even sound like it was half throttle, and still smoked him.

Civic guy turned off.
(For those who don't know, street racing is actually really common in South Florida. Too common for my liking)

On that same path, an '84 Olds Cutlass, similar to what my father owned when I was a kid. It had a 307 initially, but it blew up, so dad bought another Cutlass which we thought had a 350 in it. Well one day the heads blew, so he bought 350 heads and sent it to a shop, and they said they were too small. So we had a Cutlass with a 403. That car was badass, and fried many a cocky Mustang owner at stoplights.

Other cars I'd want at some point:

- A 96 Impala SS, but not black, in the cherry metallic color. It's gorgeous.
- A Sunset Orange Metallic C6 Z06, I know I know, too many Vette's, but that color is stunning.
- Come to think of it, A Sunset Orange Metallic 4th Gen Trans Am would be cool too.... -drools-

I have a huge thing for American cars. Unfortunately, not many other people my age that I know do. I wish they did though, they're so much more fun than your run-of-the-mill Honda riceburner car. (I use the term "car" loosely).

A REALISTIC dream Garage for me, in the next.. say.. 5 to 6 years would be:

My '94 FWB
A project Cutlass
A truck of some sort.

If I were to really think of all the cars I liked, for some reason or another, there would be pages upon pages upon pages with reasons. I have really strange taste in cars.

08-12-09, 12:51 PM
strange taste in cars? - - that's the beauty of life! :)

08-12-09, 02:00 PM
Indeed it is, here at least. Drive what we want and when we want. (Not exactly HOW we want... I want an Autobahn!)

08-13-09, 01:01 AM
Oh boy. My ideal garage.

Ok so heres my toys
1969 Cadillac elderardo
1970 442 w-30
1969 GMC 3/4, 4x4, 4 speed

My dream daily cars

1980's Toyota Hilux Diesel Pickup (winter)
Ariel Atom 3 (for summer)

Live and let dream i guess.

heres what i realistically could accomplish

1982 Cadillac fleetwood broughm d'elegance (summer)
1992 Ford F150 4x4. (winter)
I'd love to get my hands on a cutlass or a 442 for the 70-72, that'll be my project
As well as my current toyota - Gsxr1000 project.

I like to tinker.

So a nice big snap on box, full of quality tools, a giant work bench, over chain host, Engine stands. All that stuff.

08-13-09, 07:05 AM
Oh dude... a 442 W-30 would be awesome. How could I leave that one out!

And Ariel Atom's are coooooooool. Too bad they're like $80k or something like that. :( A Tesla Roadster might be cool too. Supposedly, part of the sales pitch for that car is on the test drive, they see if you can move your hand enough to change the radio station under full acceleration. I guess you can't.

Electric torque is cool. :P

08-14-09, 12:32 AM
The roadster handles like a brick compared to the atoml. It's alll about the handling.

08-14-09, 05:13 PM
I really want a Lsx V8 powered Miata. I'd really like an all motor car, probably start off with a basic LS1 in it until I learned to drive with 350hp, plus the aluminum block saves weight. You can always add more power later. Six speed transmisson, roll bar, 5 point harness, and a coil over suspension would be required as well.


I'd also like to have a white on white 1969 or 1970 Deville convertible with a vanity plate that read "JDHOGG"