: Gathering of XLR's in Effingham, IL 9/26/09

08-11-09, 02:28 PM
Several of us X and V owners are getting together in September. In concert with the big Corvette show in Effingham, IL at the end of September. The Mid America Motorworks has welcomed the XLR's and provided us with a show line. The show is a large, well organized event. the only hitch is that they are charging this year an entrance fee of $25.00. Lots goes into the organization so the value is there.

We are having a gathering at my house on Satuday afternoon/evening about 15 miles north of the show for some food, drinks, and games.

Please let me know if you are interested in coming or have questions with a note or RSVP to rleonard@consolidated dot net


08-27-09, 04:05 PM
I was there last year with my cts-v. I left it at the hotel and rode to the show in my friends 66. I have e-mailed mid america after seeing the 2 xlr and 1 xlr-v there last year to see if I bring my cts-v back this year if I can get parking in the grounds with you all. They replied that at that time you all had not contacted them about this year and they would let me know if you did. Well obviously you have and they have not. So I guess I'll pose the question to you. Will you or they welcome 1st generation cts-v parking with your group? if so how do I get the special parking pass needed as it wont be a choice on the web-site sign up.