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Ghost Deany
08-11-09, 07:42 AM
hey all, quick question. just wired in my amp and subs. power wire is fine, ground wire is fine...all the wires are run along the side of the escalade. the amp is not turning on. the fuses in the amp are fine, the power wire connection is fine, the ground is grounded, and the remote wire is wired in. getting nothing... the amp must be shot right? the little light on the amp is not coming on, its a phoenix gold 200 watt amp thats pretty old. it was working fine. i let a friend borrow it and she has a competetion sub thats 1,500 watts. possible it blew the amp right? only thing i can think of. any ideas? email MNOGhost@comcast.net as i am at work and cannot check the forums today. thanks

08-12-09, 12:59 AM
Do you have a multi-meter? OR a little cheap 12V tester? Test your power wire, and with the car and radio on test your remote. You should get 12V(multi-meter) or a light on(12V tester) if they are working. Other than that, you can usually take an amp to a local car stereo shop and they will hook it up (usually on a bench set up in the store) and test it for you.

You can get a cheap multimeter from home depot, lowes, radio shack, etc.

You can get a cheap 12V test light from any auto part store, its a pointy screwdriver looking thing with a wire coming out/attached to the top, all you do is touch the wire on a ground and the tip of the tester(point) on anything you wanna see if its hot and a little light will come on if it is indeed hot. They sell other kinds too but this is most common they are like $3.

Hope this helps, and yes, Phoenix Gold is a very good brand, but hooking a 200W amp up to something rated for 7 or 8 times its rating could definatly blow it.

I have two Earthquake 5000W for sale if you are interested. And alot of other audio/video high end equipment.