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07-24-04, 07:10 PM
$150 for Ed's chip or $250 for Superchip's...hmmm leaning towards Fastchip

Made the mistake of already contacting Superchip about my car. I already sent in my Computer code...do you think I can turn back now? Itís not like I paid them already.

Your input will be highly appreciated night now guys

07-24-04, 11:57 PM
i purchased the superchip, and just got it in this weekend, waiting until i get the time to install it. according to some people, they are a waste of money (both brands and others), but according to a good friend of mine, who is a certified hummer mechanic, told me that they will help the cars that have the sophisticated computers than others that do not. other mechanic friends said basically the same thing. and others did not. so i decided to try one for myself, just need to install it, thats all.

07-25-04, 12:35 AM
alright! did you finally find a code that registered with somebody? using fastchip or what? lemme know!

11-08-04, 08:13 PM
The reprogramming does make a difference, as the ecu controls the vehicle:
- rev limit
- max speed
- higher shift speed - torque converter lockup.
- different timing
- etc.

The original chip is designed for max fuel economy and passing emissions
and I have made changes to my cadillac without reprogramming the chips
and it takes a while before the ecu notices; but it does - about I week.

Yeah, playing with the chips does make a difference and Fastchips and Superchips, will also put in some protection too. Read up on it.
refer website http://www.goingfaster.com

Superchips has been around the longesthttp://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&noquote=1&p=132854#