View Full Version : '00 Escalade rebuild

08-10-09, 02:47 PM
I have a 2000 Escalade that I'm going to work on as a project vehicle. I'm planning to have the engine over-bored to a 383ci and beef up the trans to a 4L80E. Has anyone done this type of build before or partial build? I'm looking for any tips for this project. I'm weak on major auto components. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade. I'm sure I can handle the work, but may need some expert advice at times. If there is anyone willing to let me contact them with questions from time to time, I would really appreciate it. Also, what repair software do dealerships use? Still researching parts suppliers, any recommendations are welcome. Thanks for any help, I'll post back as I progress.

08-11-09, 09:02 PM
I don't mind giving you some advice (altho I'm no expert). My last similar project, rebuilt of 1991 full size blazer K5, costed over a 2 year period over 20K$! All this witout really realizing how much I had put into it. When u start modifying stuff, and you want to do it right, there's always a lot of unexpected expenses that appear along the way... Reboring the engine is not too bad, if you keep the OEM injection, just might require adjustements or maybe bigger injectors or ? Check out the full size chevy forums (fsc.com), I'm sure its been done there before. Same for the tranny, its an easy swap if the TCM's can be swapped as well and plug into the same harness. I've done many VW swaps, its a you know when u start it project and your bank account tell u when its over... Good luck!