: 94 Fleetwood stripped battery bolt (side post)

08-10-09, 11:37 AM
Hello. Iím having a problem with the negative battery bolt on a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. The bolt is stripped and wonít screw into the battery negative terminal (side terminal battery). I want to replace it with a new bolt but I canít remove the old bolt from the cable. It seems to be held onto the cable with some kind of retaining ring or lockwasher inside the molded cable cover which I canít access. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can remove this bolt? TiA for your reply.

08-10-09, 11:44 AM
Oops, sorry. I meant to say "stripped battery bolt" in the title and not "stripped battery post" It's the bolt that connects the battery cable to the battery that's bad.

08-10-09, 12:17 PM
The bolts come in a two-pack at any parts store for under 5 bucks. To get the old one out, just push harder. The way the plastic is molded, it holds the bolt head in there pretty good. You can use a piece of wood to push if it is hurting your thumb. You push on the threaded part and it comes out the side with the hex. Does that make sense? It WILL pop out, I promise...

Here's what the bolt looks like. You can see that wide part that is making it hard to push out:

08-10-09, 03:17 PM
Hi Jayoldschool.

Thanks very much for your speedy reply and great information. The bolt was in so solid that I thought there must be something holding it in the cover, however your explanation showed me that it just needed more force to remove. It was in very tight but it came out as you said. Thanks again!

08-10-09, 03:49 PM
Glad to help. The new one will be just as hard to put in :)

Clean your terminals with baking soda and water. Then, coat the contact surfaces with dilectric grease before putting things back together and tightening.