: 1973 DeVille alternator mount question

08-09-09, 11:33 AM
As the generator of my CoupeDeVille is simply hold by a bolt, I tired to find out the correct mounting way. (it works quite nice though)

So I bought a generator mount that is supposed to be out of another 472 of those years, but it doesn't seem to fit correctly.

Are there different types of alternators? Must be so...
And how are they bolted to the block?
Does anyone here have pics/drawings to that question?
Would be nice to see how it is done correctly.
Thank you.

08-15-09, 10:32 PM
What is the amp rating of your alternator? Sounds as if someone may have replaced yours with one of the higher amperage units, 100 amp possibly. I'm not sure what your amp rating should be, but I'd guess 58 - 63.