: V2's in Denver?

08-08-09, 11:43 PM
I finally got McCaddon to deal with me and I traded my 05 V1 in last week on the 09 Raven Black 6 Speed Manual.

With only 300 miles on it so far, all I can say is that this is a ZR1 Corvette with 4 doors. I might have to change my plate fom 4DRVETTE to 4DRZR1.

Everyone is right about the ride! I simply can not believe how smoothy it is. The only other car I've experienced that kind of ride in is a ZR1.

John Heinricy was spot on with everything he said about the car. It certainly was a great note for him to retire on.

08-10-09, 01:36 PM
I went with Moorehart Murphy in Durango. No hastle, just ordered what I wanted with Supplier discount. Took all of 15 minutes.

08-10-09, 07:25 PM
Congrats on your new ride. Welcome to the FUN CLUB!!!:welcome: