: Snapping noise when coming to a stop..Answered Finally!!!

08-07-09, 11:42 PM
So I found this tidbit of information and I feel that I should share it with everyone on here.

4L60E/4L65E Snap Noise 2-1 Downshift

96 - 05 light-duty trucks, passenger cars, and utilities equipped with the 4L60E (M30) and 4L65E (M32) automatic transmissions may experience a single snap noise during a 2-1 downshift when coming to a stop.

The snap noise should not be confused with a stop clunk as it is a snap. The snap noise may be described as a ball peen hammer hitting the transmission case. The noise may also be present when shifting from reverse to drive or drive to reverse. The snap noise may appear to be coming from the transfer case.

POSSIBLE CAUSE -The Low and Reverse Clutch Support Retainer Spring (anti-clunk spring) (item 680) may have been bent during the production process or during an overhaul at the dealer. The noise will most likely occur at low mileage (0 to 7500).

The Low and Reverse Clutch Support Retainer Spring (item 680) should be inspected for being bent. If damaged, the retainer spring should be replaced.

So now the question is my car has been like this since i bought it last year. i've driven 20,000 miles so far and the noise is there everytime I slow down. Is it worth it to even fix??? What am i looking at for $$$?? Car drives like it has since I bought it.

Any help would be appreciated.


08-08-09, 05:44 AM
Our cars and the Old's Aurora don't have the 4L60/4L65 transmission. We have the 4T80

08-08-09, 10:42 AM
Make that the 4T80E.

08-10-09, 12:59 PM
That's weird....article came up under my car 2002 Seville from the GM software i was using to check for bulletins and information.

Anyways since it is the wrong tranny, what could be causing this same noise to happen on the 4T80E??

08-10-09, 01:36 PM
Best bet would be to use the diagnostic trees in the Factory Service Manual. LOTS of noise and function info for our transmissions.

(The 4Lxxx (longitudinal) units are RWD, the 4Txxx (transverse) units are FWD, and they are very different transmissions from the 60/65 series. Your noise may be a downshift click, but I doubt it is from the same cause.)

08-12-09, 09:49 PM
my 03 STS has had the same noise since i bought it over 30K miles ago
countless trips to the dealer and to date they have been unable to diagnose it