: Tampa Area

08-06-09, 11:57 PM
I'm down in the Tampa area, St. Pete to be exact, and I have the check engine light on for a bad cat so I have to get my car in for service. Anyone from this area have a recomendation for where to bring it? I know there's a few Caddy dealers around but not sure how good they are..

08-09-09, 09:45 PM
You might check with Tony (The Tony Show) as he's about 90 miles to the NE at Plaza Cadillac and may know about some of the ones down there.

08-09-09, 09:51 PM
Plaza Cadillac and Tony is superb, but If 90 miles is to far to drive for service.

You have Dew Cadillac in St. Pete at Park Blvd. and I-275. I have no experience with them and have never heard anything bad.

You also have Dimmitt Cadillac in Clearwater on US19 just north of SR60. and I have been happy with them. Its where I bought my Caddys. Although Tony at Plaza will be seeing me when I'm ready again.