: 1964 429 Rebuild

Harvey H Romines
08-06-09, 09:08 PM
New person here. I'm rebuilding a '64 429 for a friend that has a beautiful Deville Convertible. He bought the car several years ago and has enjoyed it, but, it has always used quite a bit of oil. When I took the engine apart I found out why, what a mess. I have located about all the components needed for the rebuild and picked up the block, heads, crank and the rest of the stuff today. Yesterday I looked at the passengers side exhaust manifold to start putting knock-r-loose on the exhaust pipe studs when I discovered the manifold had it's third crack. The previous two had been repaired. The machinest suggested I replace it. So..! Does anyone know of a passengers side exhaust manifold I could purchase, I've had no luck with venders.
Also, I would love to talk to someone that is savy on this engine if you have a few minutes, I live in middle Georgia and my number is 478-953-3077, please call collect if you wish.

Thank you... Buddy...