: Program Your Own PK3 Keys....

08-05-09, 11:56 PM
Friend of mine lost the keys for my '98 STS. My ONLY set. Since it was off the road because of the deer damage, (now fixed) i didn't care too much. I'm ready to drive it again.

Had the GM dealer cut keys from the key code to match the locks/ign switch.
Asked them to program the keys. Having no keys, I had to tow the car. Long story, the dealership I deal with doesn't work with Cadillac's much. Great team, knowledgeable, friendly, and a very big help to me. But they could not use the Tech 2 to program the keys. They asked me if I modified the parameters in the PCM because it wasn't accepting anything.

Anyways, long story short, this got annoying- having to tow my car around to the dealership and getting billed for work that wasn't helping.

I'm subscribed to SI. I never thought to check for the key learn procedure...

Well I know how now, hopefully this will help other forum members:

If you lost all keys:

insert the key and turn the key to "on". The DIC will say "Remove Key, Starting Disabled", and the security light will remain on.

approx. 10 minutes later. Remove the key. wait 10 seconds and repeat this another two times, for a total of 30 minutes "key-in" time.

Now insert your key and start the engine.

To learn additional keys:
Start the engine up with a working key. Shut the engine off, and within 10 seconds, insert the next key you want to learn and turn it to "ON". When the security light goes out, that key is programmed. Repeat for the next key, up to 10 keys can be programmed per car.

I will post which models this works for soon.

I seriously need a tech 2 though, that's my next investment. But the key learn procedure can be done without a tech 2.

08-06-09, 01:58 AM
This is -AWESOME- info, thank you very much!

08-06-09, 06:58 AM
No problem- also, I forgot to mention that the security light in the dash will go out when it's time to remove the key after each 10 minute wait.

This morning I'm heading in to the insurance office to transfer the insurance back to the STS again. N*Caddy has the tail lights from my Eldo for the LED conversion so it's not quite legal to drive right now :D

08-06-09, 08:09 AM
I never start the engine on that add keys bit.
Turn the key to "run" and wait for the security light to go out, then remove it and insert the next one, turn it to "run" and wait for the light to go out again.
Your done.

The only advantage in having a Tech 2 to program keys is that you can do it in 10 minutes instead of 30.
You still have to have a techline terminal though, it won't do it on it's own.

08-06-09, 09:23 AM
This needs a sticky!