: license plate bulbs

08-05-09, 09:56 PM
Need to know how to remove the plastic casing where the bulbs for the license plate is. Im swapping out the bulbs for LED THANKS 2006 sts

Unique Distributing
08-06-09, 06:01 AM
you dont.. You must take off the carpet backing "trunk liner" then you will have access to the bulbs the plastic covers do not come off.

08-06-09, 09:15 AM
holy crap lol what a pain in the a55 lol is it easy to do? glad I asked

Unique Distributing
08-06-09, 09:59 AM
very easy..the trunk liner just popps off and u can access the bulbs. i thought it would be a hard job too when i did all my coversions but it really wasnt. Becareful. I just switched ALL my interior and exterior sidemarkers and licence plate bulbs to LED and now my car battery is always dying I have a feeling that it has something to do with extra voltage or something cuz it just started happening after I did the conversion. and those bulbs are freeking expensive cost me over 100$ to do every bulb! Good Luck

08-06-09, 10:12 AM
we'll see. I dont know how LEDs could draw power from the battery. I have ALL LED lighting for my interior that came yesterday, I will install mine today and see what happens.

Unique Distributing
08-06-09, 02:05 PM
another downset for the interior LED is you will notice that you WONT be able to see S**t at night when you turn the dome light on lol

08-06-09, 02:09 PM
You must have got some cheap ebay LEDs.

08-06-09, 04:09 PM
LEDs draw much less power so I doubt that swapping to LEDs would drain the battery. Ya the cheaper LEDs aren't too bright, I put the cheap ones in the floor lighting. For the dome lights I had to get the expensive PIAA Tera bulbs, about $75 a pair, but they are plenty bright. Also got a pair of these for the third little headlight

08-06-09, 04:49 PM
I'm still suspicious that with very low resistance, the modules that control the lights are not shutting off and continue to draw power.