View Full Version : Vacation drive

08-05-09, 07:16 PM
After a backbreaking two days of vacation building a deck for our dogs, I decided the V has sat long enough and needed to stretch it's legs. I left out of Southern Indiana and headed up to Jasper VIA US 231. Nice stretch of road but mostly urbanized. I decided to head out over to Vincinnes Indiana using the navigation and taking the short route which was all back roads. What a blast heading out IN 61 through some great twisties and wide open roads with farm fields and open space. The turns were good enough ranging from the 15 MPH warning to the slow 35 sharp banked corners. A few small towns along the way but mostly just two lane open road and farm fields. I had the windows down sunroof open, temp about 78 and the radio playing the tunes. Just a nice relaxing driving day. The way back down 41 was completely different. I forgot how much I hate traffic coming from the Toyota plant.:rant2:
Maybe another outing later in the week if the weather holds up. I'll bring the camera next time to capture some of the good scenes.

08-05-09, 07:17 PM
I was surprised how nice the roads of southern Indiana were when I took a ride at the SHO Convention in Indy in '05...