: First bad Cadillac experience...

08-05-09, 03:22 PM
Not my first bad GM experience, but up until this point my service experience with Cadi had been exceptional and well beyond my expectations.

Sometime back a few members made mention of poor or thin paint on their cars so I gave mine a once over. Sure enough, I was able to see bronze primer coming through the black paint in a few key areas (primarily the drivers side rear door and quarter panel, as well as under the door handles).

So, I brought the car to my local dealer (who have been great to deal with so far) and they inspect the car and tell me that they will contact GM regaridng the issue. A few weeks go by and I get a call saying that they will re-shoot those panels under warranty. I take the car in last Monday (week ago) and take a loaner. They call on Friday saying that they want to hold the car over the weekend to ensure that everything is done right. Okay.

Last night (tuesday) I get the call to come pick the car up. When I get there the service manager points out two spots where there are buff marks that he is not happy with, but since I live near the actual paint shop, I suggest that I bring there in the morning. This AM go to the shop but they cannot give me a real time estimate because they're busy and I need to get to work so we agree on tomorrow morning.

At lunch I go to grab a sandwich and notice that there is a lot of dust on the hood of my car. It's not dust...it's overspray. And it isn't just the hood, it is all over the drivers side front fender. I start to look closely at the car and find overspray on the passenger side door, damage to the rear chrome strip from a buffer (apparently trying to remove paint), overspray on the trunk and roof. I also find 1.5" chip of paint missing from the driver side door immediately under the chrome strip above the door handle. Similarly I find damage to the plastic trim of the interior door panel where they tried to remove it. :helpless:

I take the car tothe dealer and walk them through the tragedy that is there body shop's workmanship. They assured me that they will make things right. They were obviously embarrassed.

What would you do?

Cadillac Tony
08-05-09, 03:28 PM
I wouldn't freak out about the overspray- that can easily be removed with a clay bar. I'd actually recommend not pressing that issue with them, because chances are they'll remove it with a buffer and swirl the paint. Do it yourself for personal pride and better results. I know you shouldn't have to (since they never should have gotten overspray on it), but since it's already there, all you can do is look for the best solution. In my opinion, the best solution is just removing it yourself with a clay bar and about 1.5 hours.

As far as the other items like the scratched chrome piece and door panel, those can easily be replaced by the Dealer at no charge to you.

08-05-09, 03:32 PM
What would you do?

Up to this point there has been no indication that the dealer is being obstinate, and they are trying to remedy the situation.

I would however:

Explain to the service director that you have concerns about it being fixed by the same shop as they haven't proved to be first rate from the onset and what can he do to calm your concern?

I would also like to hear how they will in fact restore your car back to showroom condition. There are a lot of tricks in body and paint and you don't want a quick fix that will yield exposed areas or peeling 6-12 months later from hasty pre-paint prep.

Basically, be polite but firm in letting them know you expect a top job performed and not to return the car until said work is complete, regardless of time.


08-05-09, 04:20 PM
It does not sound like a bad Cadillac experience rather a bad dealer experience that they are more than willing to take responsibility for. Allow them to do the job right and move on although Tony's suggestion is also correct. If the dealer is going to remove the overspray DO NOT allow them to buff it off or you will have swirls in short order. Black is tough and will show everything.

08-05-09, 04:37 PM
Definetly a disappointing dealer experience. A bad one would be they tell you that this the best we can do, or, that's all we're doing to remedy this. So far so good. Just manage the dealership.

Nowadays you have to manage just about everything.. your healthcare providers, doctors, dentist, etc. You must ask questions and expect knowledgable answers that make sense while answering your concerns. They the dealer want your future business and the business of anyone you can refer. Now a chevy dealer might be different. But cadillac has BMW, Lexus, Audi breathing down their necks.

GM knows they do, need to do better. We as consumers should wherever possible hold them accountable. Premium price for a premuim products and services.

08-05-09, 05:06 PM
At least the dealer is manning up to help you. True, the overspray shouldn't have happened, but the dealer's response speaks volumes about their ethic.

08-05-09, 07:12 PM
Thanks for the input folks.

Actually the dealer has been fantastic to deal with so far, I'm just disappointed about the paint situation and was hoping not to have to reshoot the entire thing due to a little neglegence on the part of the body shop.

They've been great with dealing with squeaks and rattles issues I've had and have been quick to deal with the wheel clicking TSB (2nd pass).

Thanks to your input, I called them asking them about using clay bar (this is what I always do to detail the car, never a polishing wheel) and he said that they were already on it. I honestly didn't know that clay could deal with that type of overspray. He also said that the body shop supervisor was embarrassed by the fact that a car left his shop in that condition. I suspect someone is going to get chewed out.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this and hope that they're cool about replacing the damaged interior panels (also a grease stain on the A pillar fabric) and the paint damage on the drivers side door.

More later.

08-14-09, 03:45 PM
I got the car back today and I have to say that I'm pretty disappointed and don't know what to do at this point.

They went over and clay bar'd the car. There is still failry dense overspray on the front part of the hood (the section that contours up to the headlamp assembly) and small dots that cover then entire hood.

The front facia and spoiler area still has overspray as does a small area on the trunk and surrounding the roof antenna.

I told them that I really wasn't happy and the service director said that he had done everything he could, that they only painted the doors and was not responsible for the rest of it, but that overall it met "his standards" and was acceptable. He went on to say that he had warned me against doing anything to the factory paint for fear that it wouldn't be the same. To this I said, that they did a fine job on the areas where he was supposed to paint but was furious that they took it upon themselves to paint the rest of the car the wrong color.

I have a number for Cadillac customer support where I expect to get the run around, but I'm sooo hot right now I cannot even tell you.

What should I do?

08-14-09, 04:12 PM
overspray seems like a pretty black and white issue - it is either there or it isn't - I would get a meeting with the owner of the dealership. It is impossible for me to believe that the owner will consider overspray on the unrepaired part of the car acceptable.

Although it is water under the bridge, I have to say I would never ever have had the car repainted for the reasons you sited, what happened is too predicable, but still no excuse for them not to make it right for you.

talk to the boss ASAP

and this isn't a Cadillac issue, it is a workmanship issue of some bone head paint hacks, I am sure everything they touch turns to ...

08-14-09, 04:32 PM
call my man Brian Hare the owner of Detail Werkz in Dallas,TX he is a paint correction specialist ( just like me, but i'm in NJ) i'm sure he will gladly take care of you!!! here is his website... DetailWerkz(dot)CoM

Gary Wells
08-14-09, 07:10 PM
Wow, NeedCTS-v, I am really sorry to hear about this. There is just no reason for this kind of dealer non-satisfaction. I can't say what would be the best course of corrective action, and I don't think that I would be handling this as well as you are. There is just no reason for anybody to be so careless as to get so much over spray on another car. I could rattle-can better than that, and I am 65 and half-blind. Maybe take a lot of good close up pics, document everything that has transpired, and make an appointment with the owner. I do wish you well and good luck on this, and I think that I would have an attorney's PX# handy just in case.

08-15-09, 10:46 AM
Typical of the workmanship you will get from most body shops (especially warranty work).

Typical response from the service department. Service attitude is very high up to the point where you expect it to actually be done correctly.

I would look into what SoJersey is saying. Let a pro detail place look at it and advise you on how bad it is. If they can correct it, let them and save the reciept.

Take before and after pics, keep up with who you spoke to and what they said.

Speaking from continued experience, The absolute best thing you can do... Take the beating. Make it right yourself, on your terms. Move on.


08-15-09, 12:03 PM
I assume this was Covert Cadillac in Austin ?

-- Lee

08-15-09, 12:36 PM
Typical of the workmanship you will get from most body shops (especially warranty work).

Typical response from the service department. Service attitude is very high up to the point where you expect it to actually be done correctly.

I would look into what SoJersey is saying. Let a pro detail place look at it and advise you on how bad it is. If they can correct it, let them and save the reciept.

Take before and after pics, keep up with who you spoke to and what they said.

Speaking from continued experience, The absolute best thing you can do... Take the beating. Make it right yourself, on your terms. Move on.


Absolutely agree. Get it done right, save receipts, and tell the general manager of the dealership that you are not satisfied with the work of the body shop. I agree with the sentiment that this is not really a Caddy issue, it's an individual dealership/body shop issue.

Because I read this when the OP originally posted, the first thing I did before I took possession of my car after it was in the body shop this week was to look for overspray on the trunk lid and quarter panels (mine was a bumper job). I'd be livid with the attitude taken by the service folken.


Gary Wells
08-15-09, 02:46 PM
I'm at a crossroads as to whether I would be livid or gunning, but I would be at least one of them, and probably both. I certainly hope that this works out to the OP's satisfaction.

08-15-09, 03:40 PM
Wow this totally sucks. I feel your pain brother. How many miles are on the car? There's nothing like factory paint and I would push for a new car. Talk to the owner, or call GM. I'm wishing everything works out for you.

08-17-09, 12:35 PM
Thanks for the kind words all.

Here's where things are at. I called Cadillac Customer Care on Friday and was told that I would get a call today from a district manager.

I decided to talk to a local detail shop (that I've used before) to do a walk around of the car. During the walk around, I also noticed that the jet on the driver's side headlamp washer had also been damaged (it looked like it had been jammed/removed with a screw driver or something). This said, they were very confident that they could get the car right with exception to all of the rubber seals around the doors and windows. They promised that they would clay only, no buffing wheeel. I went ahead and let them take the car (for the full day).

When I went back the car looked great. They did the job that the dealership should have (they even threw out the can of industrial glass cleaner that the dealership left behind for me). The only thing that is still wrong with the car is the minor damage to the 3rd brake light (from a buffer), the headlamp washer, some of the rubber seals, a random piece of rubber I found on the floor (it looks like some sort of rubber clamp or buffer) and one missing nylon screw from the raditor cover.

One person asked if it was the body shop at Covert. Yes it was. I would sooner send my car to a bodyshop in Mexico than I would to Coverts again. It's really too bad because up to this point I was really impressed with the service I was getting from them. Now I'm afriad to give them my car.