: Help Pimp My Friends Ride

07-23-04, 05:33 PM
A local radio station is holding a "Pimp my ride" contest. The winner gets all kinds of cool stuff done to their car. I was going to enter the 78 Fleetwood, I didn't want to split the votes from our friends so he entered and I voted for him. I have to ride in his POS car though, so I'd really like it to win. Guys, if you wouldn't mind taking 15 seconds to vote I'd appreciate it. It's car #28.

Vote (car 28):

To see the POS and its competition:


07-23-04, 06:15 PM
Wanna pimp your ride, read up on the blow up dolls:


But, I dont think you can pimp blow up dolls... :tisk:

07-23-04, 06:44 PM
i voted for his shitty ass chevrolet corsica.. now you owe it me to post back if he wins..

07-23-04, 07:48 PM
wtf, did they go to the 3 worst trailer parks around the area?, or did they just take entries from people with less teeth than payment left on their 'rides'? :drinker

07-23-04, 08:33 PM
no joke, most of them were on blocks out in a cornfield.

Night Wolf
07-23-04, 10:12 PM
eh... there were some nice cars in there.... or some that had great potential.... sad to see the old Cad's :(

07-24-04, 02:14 AM
I'll give you some background info so you don't think all of Albuquerque is that ghetto. The radio station wanted the worst POS cars to enter. I'll report back on Sunday with the results..

And guess what that car cost him. . . . $88.

And there's not a cornfield in >100 miles of here. Yeah there are alot of cars in dirt lots though.

07-25-04, 04:11 AM
We've got a top 15 finish, final results in tomorrow. :)

07-25-04, 07:04 PM
nice !! thats pretty good. Anything i can do? maybe vote again or ?

07-27-04, 04:14 AM
He lost. I do know the girl who came in first though. Oh well, my friend just got a new job that pays more so hopefully he'll save up and buy his grandpa's 76 Lincoln.

07-27-04, 12:31 PM
..takes skin to win... :drinker

09-21-04, 10:34 PM
Well lets try this again. They're having another contest, this time giving away a new car instead of just pimpin out the winners old one. So it would be helpful if you all could vote again (or for the first time).

All the links still work, but he's car 120 this time.

Thanks for your time...

09-22-04, 07:53 AM
what number won the first time?? i wanted to see which car won.

09-22-04, 06:33 PM
I don't remember. I think he has a better chance this time, he's getting a lot of people to vote and hopefully some of you will, and I've got it up at 2 other forums (one small, one huge). As long as it's not rigged..

barge master
09-26-04, 09:56 PM
A lot of those older cars would fetch a good buck up here just for the body condition. That 56 Chevy post especially. In New England they'd be doing pimp my rust.