: 2006 sts vr

08-04-09, 11:04 AM
Has anybody out there with a 06 STS been successful in getting the VR system to work. Or know of a dealer who has been able to fix one to work correctly. Been to my dealer twice for the VR system. First time they updated some software, but really didn't work any better. So I figured I'd just give up and live with it. But, my daughter brought a 09 Honda CR-V with nav and all the goodies including VR. I tried the VR in the Honda and it worked every time. So, went back to the dealer, showed him and even had him to try giving it a command, getting the same results as me. Pardon, Command not recognized, no phone connected, no speech detected and etc. Got car back and the technician's report said system is working as design. Guess conclusion would suggest I take a speech course. I know I'm not the only one having this problem from reading replies in forums here on the STS Forum. So, just wondering if anybody has been successful in getting the VR to work right or any pointers to help me. Thanks.. dhac

08-04-09, 01:53 PM
On the rare occasion I do get it to work I feel like I've made a speech in the LA Coliseum without benefit of a microphone. Winded. Plus I concentrate so intensely on my diction I forget to pay attention to my driving.

08-04-09, 02:50 PM
Mine seems to work just fine on both our '06 STSs. The only command that I can never get to work is the "windows down" one, but then again, that is a pretty useless command anyway.

I have found that it is not the volume of your speech but the clarity and diction of it. Just speak clearly and in a normal tone and volume.

Also, remember to wait for the little beep tone to sound before beginning to speak. Don't start talking as soon as you hit the button on the steering wheel. If you start talking before it is ready, then it will either say "Pardon?" or "No speech detected."

08-04-09, 03:24 PM
Mine seems to work OK. But, I don't use it much. It likes commands in order with no pauses. Like NAVIGATION HOME with no pauses. Use the commands in the Manual, not improvised commands.

08-04-09, 04:13 PM
Cuss words and verbal abuse don't help.

08-05-09, 12:37 PM
Mine works OK after the upgrade and with some practice. I don't think it ever works with windows down, sunroof open or HVAC fan blowing hard. Speaking in a moderate tone and pace works better. The phone dialing works well, probably because the tags are recorded in the drivers own voice and therefore easily recognized by the system.:shhh:

I'm convinced that the choice of US English (male) works better for me and US English (Female) works better for my wife. But this is probably my imagination.

08-05-09, 03:09 PM
Thanks all: I do think that perhaps the male voice responds somewhat better than the female. I'll just keep on practicing and hoping I get it right. Thanks again.. dhac

08-05-09, 08:31 PM
VR almost never works on the first try... and by then everyone in the car is laughing so hard it isn't funny.. :)