: need help

07-23-04, 05:10 PM
hello cadi riders i need help installing crankshaft a and b sensors on a 2000 deville std or is it beter to take it to the dealer to gety the sensors tested are theere any website i can order for cheaper then ohio dealer prices

07-26-04, 08:49 AM
Ever heard of descriptive post title?

Get a Factory manual for all the specs you need, this can be found on ebay for a reasonable price.

07-26-04, 11:04 AM
The crank sensors are relatively easy to install. They are a bit hard to access, though. Remove the plastic splash panel from between the rad support and the engine cradle under the car so as to be able to reach above the engine cradle front crossmember for easier access. The crank sensors are on the left side (front side) of the block down low at the crank centerline. There are two... A and B ... one above the other. Simply unplug the wire connector, remove the single bolt in each, pull the sensor from the hole in the side of the block, push the new sensor in, install the retaining bolt, plug in the wire and you are done. Nothing to adjust or set. Just R&R the sensors. You do not even need to drain the oil to do this as the sensors are above the oil level in the sump. The OEM sensors are the only option. They have been superceded several times in service since 2000 model year so be sure and get the latest. A dealer should have the service bulletines and correct part numbers for the latest service sensor release.