View Full Version : How many of you lease your Caddy and how many are planning on leasing again?

08-04-09, 10:32 AM
My first was a 2005 STS and my second is a 2008 STS-4. I have about 10 months to go but I'm not sure if I'm staying with Cadillac again. I really like the current car and the new 2010 CUV looks interesting. I test drove Lexus and wasn't that impressed, but maybe a BMW 5 Series? Maybe the new STS/DTS will be interesting enough to keep me going with Cadillac.

08-05-09, 03:47 PM
Leasing is all but dead in American car companies.. So you won't have a leasing option with a GM car going forward (from GMAC).. Aftermarket leasing doesn't seem to be worth it.. I also have a personal rule not to own the same model more than twice.. The good news is, lots of nice cars out their in the 50K range that will make you happy and keep the monthly costs low..

08-05-09, 03:59 PM
GM is starting to lease again as we speak. Select models and locations, but will expand shortly.

08-06-09, 11:24 AM
I leased my 05 STS through a third part company. Was considering an Escalade for the girlfreind and trading the STS for a new CTS-V but the service i have recieved at the local dealership from the service manager is complete bullshit, you would think they would be willing to take care of their young cadillac customers so they would be much more willing to come back for another 40 years of Cadillac, guess I was wrong.

Not sure whatI will do with this STS, it's not a bad car but it's only the V6 which I didn't want and there is no nav in this specific car. I will probably drive it until my lease is up, see what I can get for trade in and private sale, then go back to BMW and get an M5 or M6

08-06-09, 02:17 PM
If I can't lease another Cadillac, then I won't stay with them and I'm not interested in buying the 2008 even though it will have less than 45K miles on it. I would be surprised if Cadillac drops leasing altogether as I too have heard they are leasing again this week. Purchasing a used STS is probably not a bad way to go, but if they drop leasing new ones than the supply of all those used cars coming off leases will dry up very quickly, and the prices for those vehicles will rise substantially. I feel that by the number of views versus responses to this thread, I get the impression that the majority of people on this forum have purchased their Caddy's used, so if Cadillac does drop leasing it will affect those who lease as well as those who purchase used ones.