: 1996 Eldorado Wanting factory CD unit (dash only??)

08-04-09, 01:10 AM
I recenly acquired a 96 Eldorado "Doral" from my sister. Car had sat for a number of years. Running well now but the audio system only has the original factory radio with Cassette player. I THINK the unit is non-Bose (how can I verify?) and I would like to install a factory unit with single in dash CD player in place of the cassette. From all that I have read so far, the only way to have a factory CD player is go with a complete unit including the trunk cartridge case for the CD's. My 96 Impala SS had a terrific Delco AM/FM stereo with single in dash CD changer and that is the functionality I'm looking for even if it requires a (hopefully compatible) later year unit with the in dash single CD capability. I just don't want to mess with the trunk cartridge configuration. Thoughts?... Thanks in advance.
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08-04-09, 06:50 AM
If yours is BOSE and is ’96 then you can install a ’98 and newer BOSE in dash CD unit. Because that unit it is theft locked, once installed when turned ON will display “Theftlock enabled” so you need to have the VIN removed by the dealer. So when you purchase the unit make sure you have a legal proof of purchase for the unit along with the donor vehicle VIN (not required but the dealer will ask you for it). This can be anywhere from free to $100 (depending on the dealer). Remember to specify to set the TECHII as they will communicate with a ’98 and newer not a ’96 (most of them don’t know that so they will tell you is not working).
Now if you don’t have BOSE then the only way to have a CD player is to install a 12 Disk CD Changer in the trunk. All you need is to purchase the CD changer (<$100) and the bracket (~$15) and 2 M6 screws and you are all set. The car already has the harness and the mounting provision in the rear right side of the trunk. Installing it will take less than 20 minutes and is mostly about installing the CD changer on the bracket and secure the bracket on the trunk floor in the designated position. Then plug in the harness you will find in the power antenna area (behind the lining) and you are all set (no need to program anything).
How you can tell if you have BOSE or not, VERY SIMPLE, check the lower left side corner of the radio screen. If is a small logo BOSE (white paint) then your stereo is BOSE if not is just BASE. Another way to check is check the back of the rear speakers, if only speakers then is base, if behind the speakers is installed on the magnet a metal box with some electronics (each BOSE speaker has its own amplifier) then is BOSE.
Also based on the display of the radio, if the display has something like 88:88 then is BASE if the display has something like a 16 characters dotted display then is BOSE.
Regardless if is base or BOSE you can add an AUX input to the unit so the sky is the limit. Is fairly simple to do so just follow my AUX input threads. For base will cost <$8 while for BOSE will cost ~$70.

08-04-09, 11:17 AM
Hi, N*Caddy. Thank you so much for your courtesy and assistance. :worship: Very much appreciated I assure you. :) One further question please... If I do find a changer ( research indicates GM part number 16213705 ) and bracket (part number?) does the functionality of the select buttons on the HU become the same as on an original OEM CD equipped vehicle, i.e., the "Tape/AM" button becomes "Tape/CD" button and the "FM1/FM2" button becomes "AM/FM 1-2" ? BTW, my car is non-Bose and the (unused) connector in the trunk for the cartridge appears to be a 25 pin EIA "D" type female. By that I mean the connector is one like an RS-232 port on a PC. It appears as though a previous owner may have been working back in this trunk area because the protection for the unused connector is simply electrical tape and paper foam. I'm hoping I can simply find the hardware as you suggested and have it working in twenty minutes or less... :)
Thank you again and Best Regards,

08-04-09, 07:17 PM
I don’t know what the previous owner did over there but from factory in the power antenna area you should have 2 connectors. One larger black connector located some how up on the wheel, this is the cellular phone module interface and on a slightly smaller cable lower in the back of the wheel is the CD changer cable. From factory if not used the cable is folded in 3 with electrical tape holding it folded (and some small piece of foam around). This cable should be long enough once unfolded to reach all the way to the right side taillight. The connector is black and consists of 10 pins on one single row with a gap between pin 4 and 5. The CD changer you are looking for is 16199553. It is a 12 disk DELCO changer looking like one of the two-pictured bellow.


NOTE* Ignore the bracket picture, those are NOT the Cadillac brackets, Cadillac has one large bracket looking more like a stand. Don’t have the P# (actually I do have-it but I need to look for it 20 minutes or so) but any dealer should be able to provide you the number.

Is priced between $30-$150 on e-bay. Make sure when you buy one that the CD cartridge is included or else you have to pay some extra $20-$40 for a new one. Also all you need is the changer and magazine, no extra harness or adapters are required (I see lots of people asking if the “harness is included” – no such thing is in your car already). As for the bracket if you are lucky enough to get on unit from a Seville/Eldorado then the bracket should work, if is from another GM car (Pontiac, Corvette) then you need to purchase a bracket. Don’t worry brand new at the dealer is $15 (very cheap).
Not sure about that DB25 connector you are talking about, is not-OEM and must have been installed by the previous owner.
As for the functionality…
Once you install the CD Changer in the trunk and you plug the connector and load one up to 12 disks on the top left corner of the HU screen a disk icon will show up and will flash for the first 30-50 seconds while the CD changer goes thro the disks to read each one. Then once the disks acknowledged the icon will stay ON all the time meaning the CD changer is available. Then pressing the source button, one of the stops will be CD Changer (CD Changer, Radio, and Tape). Using the buttons from 1 to 6 you can select the disk number. For disks 7 to 12 you have to press and hold for 2-3 seconds (until it beeps) the buttons same buttons (1 for disk 7, 2 for disk 8, and so on). To change songs press the SEEK button on the HU (or on the steering wheel controls), the rest of the buttons are logical FFW, REV etc. If some issue with the CD changer (say you forgot the CD changer door opened or you have a badly scratched disk) a “ERR” message will show up on the screen (for about 3 sec) and then will resume to the previous available source (either tape or radio).
Alternatively if you are good with soldering and electronics stuff you can add an AUX input to the OEM HU, something like this (I have posted the “how to” but should you have problems just ask).


Its a Cadillac Thing
11-15-10, 11:26 AM
Hi N*Caddy
I saw this Thread about putting an Aux input on the factory head unit.
I have a 1996 Eldorado and the head unit looks the same as the one in your pic.
I did try a search to find your other post about doing it but could not find it.
Thanks for any info Wiring/hook up that you could tell me I’m good with soldering and electronics.

Thanks again Adam "Its a Cadillac Thing"

11-15-10, 09:26 PM
Here for non-BOSE cars (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-seville-cadillac-eldorado-forum/198769-aux-jack-input.html#post2228699)

06-20-14, 04:46 PM
Hi, I'm not sure how old this thread is but I wanted to ask a question!
I was wanting to do the same as the gentleman asking the questions, I have the base stereo in my 96
eldorado, but for some reason, I don't have the pigtail for the c/d changer in trunk? The trunk floor pan has the slot and two bolt holes to install changer. I do have the big plug taped up in foam for the cell phone
but I don't have the small black one for c/d changer. I have a c/d changer and know what the plug looks
like and bundle where it comes out of from the junk car I got it out of. My stereo unit in the car doesn't
have a Source button, it has a tape/am button and a fm1/fm2 button. My car is a 96 esc build date on
door is 5-96. Did GM make some wire bundles differently?
I also have a stereo from a 2000 cadillac antithieft with cassette and c/d player, non-Bose. Will that plug
into my 96 eldorado and do the vin # thing?
Thank you!