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07-03-03, 03:21 PM
www.phantomplate.com has this thing called photo blocker. Its a spray can that when applied to a license plate will confuse flash cameras especially red light and speeding ones. It is about $30 a can but it seems like a can will last you a lifetime.....Its good for up to six plates and is said to last for life. There is a 30 day money back guarentee....Easy instructions INSTRUCTIONS
01. Remove plate. Place flat.
02. Spray Photo Blocker evenly until surface is totally saturated. Let dry and repeat 2-3 times until plate is very glossy.
03. Let dry for about 2 hours. Should be good for life!

For regular customers if you buy 5 or more 10% is off. If theres interest ill call and try to make a group buy. Maybe 20-30 cans for 20 a can......anyway post if you want it!

07-03-03, 03:40 PM
I may have to get this product soon since the City of San Antonio is going to install 10 of these lights by the end of the year and more planned for next year.

07-03-03, 11:11 PM
Indiana is too cheap to do that..... they would rather staff officers everywhere, so they can eat donuts, drink coffee, and read the paper!

Ill never forget it....... Last year, I look out my homeroom and lo and behold, a cop pulls into a parking lot, flips on his radar, and then starts eating, drinking coffee, and reads the paper, not paying any attention to people going +15 over the limit!!!!

07-23-03, 05:34 PM
I saw a show on this and supposably it only works in a couple of states - for some reason or another.. Or, maybe it's just a hoax so that nobody goes out and buys the stuff - because it really does work.. I wonder...