: Which deville should i rebuild??

08-03-09, 12:20 PM
Hi all this is my first real post as a member . I have purchased 2 coupe devilles one is a burnt orange 1982 cpe with 50k original miles single owner maint. was done religiously no leaks at all correct coolant was used also with pellets with white leather interior. purchased for 400 bucks the front driver side is wrecked a very slight bend in the frame. Second is 1984 pale yellow cpe with 130k+ on it body is in great condition runs fine but oil all over the pans.

my first instinct is to use the parts from the yellow one to complete the wrecked one. but for the frame it is bent a little behind the wheel so i was going to use the yellow car as a reference for mesurments to get the frame back close enough for alignment. to bend it back my cousin has a huge oak tree that i can hook it to and back up as we heat the bent area. pics are here at my site. http://home.comcast.net/~devus83/site/?/photos

Please help me decide i also put a poll on my site. :worship: