: changing rear brakes

08-02-09, 09:09 PM
hey guys i have a friend who wants me to change his rear pads and rotors on his escalade, i think it's a 2006. i've never touched a caddy before i'm a VW man. he owns no tools so i will have to take whatever i need to his house, as well as track down torque specs for everything. i was hoping someone on here could help me out with what i should take with me as far as wrenches and stuff go, and is this pretty straightforward brakework??



08-02-09, 10:07 PM
VW man myself for over 20 years, this is my second GM vehicule. Very straightforward job to do the rear brakes. Completely redone mine (pads, discs, and park brake shoes) with no issues. Standard metric tools needed. I can have a look at the GM SI manual for torque specs if you want. All I remember are the torque specs for the wheels, 150 FT-Lbs, rest I torqued ''by ear''.

08-03-09, 05:08 AM
thanks for the response, if you could hook me up the torque specs that would be awesome. thanks.

08-03-09, 04:24 PM
CutNpaste from shop manual for the rear caliper bolts:

Tighten the brake caliper guide pin bolts. Tighten
Tighten the bolts to 42 Nm (31 lb ft).

While you are there I would lubricate the park brake adjustement lever assembly. Remove caliper mount braket, slide out disc.

08-03-09, 06:51 PM
Well on my 2002,For the rear brakes your going to need a either a huge C clamp or a caliper compression tool/kit to compress the caliper.Dont forget to open the brake fluid cap. you can rent the tool/kit at a auto store for like a $50 deposit. The rear brakes have a regular nut and bolt set up but the front should have T55 Torx bolts. when you turn the caliper mounting bolt to swing up the caliper you are going to have to hold a thick washer type bushing that sits in between the bolt and the caliper. It tends so spin when you try to turn the bolt, so just hold it with some vice grips. The rest is pretty basic, pop in the new pads swing the caliper down and replace the bolts........

08-04-09, 06:38 AM
thanks for the replies, this caddy is actually a 2003, can i use a regular c-clamp or do i need to rotate the piston while it's going down????