: shift interlock problem

Tom Ashworth
08-02-09, 07:58 PM
My 1994 Fleetwood Brougham has a brake-transmission shift interlock which requires you to depress the regular brake before you can shift from "P". The problem I have had, and am having more frequently is that depressing the brake doesn't release the shift. When its working I can hear what sounds like a solenoid switch in the steering column click and the message on the dash goes out. So far it has started working if I fool with it a while (turn off engine, etc.), but I am afraid it will become permanent and I will be stuck out somewhere. I would like to disable this feature or at least have some way to correct it when it happens. Help please!

08-02-09, 10:12 PM
I have the same problem with my 95 FB.... there is a switch on the brake .. all I do when it acts up is put my foot under the brake petal and lift up.. then step on the brake and it will work..let us know if it works for you..

08-02-09, 10:47 PM
if you need the switch I have them