: 2000 Dts 60k Service?!?!?

07-23-04, 11:32 AM
I really enjoy my 2000 DTS and have maintained it with regular oil changes and schedule maintenance, etc. I've just crossd over 60K miles and there's scheduled maintenance at 60K to the tune of $650.00. Should I have this done?!? Car is fully warranted to 100.0K miles or Feb 2006, whichever comes first. I intend to keep it at least to May 2007....

Any thoughts are much appreciated...just trying to get a sanity check that this will be money well spent...


07-26-04, 12:51 PM
What is being included in the service for $650....????

I don't know of anything in specific that needs to be done at 60K miles. As long as the oil has been changed and filters there is really nothing to do to the engine. The coolant should be drained and replaced with fresh 50/50 DexCool every 5 years/50K miles but that doesn't cost $650. Find out what is being "serviced"... Chances are if it is a "dealer recommended" service interval it is primarily fluff designed to keep the service department busy.