: Pulling the trigger on purchasing.....

07-31-09, 07:40 PM
So I've been scowling high and low for the right STS-V (for me) for over a week. I've made a decision and put down the deposit. It'll be on it's way pending the papers exchanging.

I got an '06; clean title; pristine shape; Blk Raven w/ Blk interior and only 16k miles on it. I actually ended up going w/ an eBay find. I'm an obsessive bargain hunter, but am not completely confident I got a "great" deal. I paid right about book value. I saw a couple others out there that I could have saved about 1k or so on, but favored this one's colors (Ext/Int) and the low miles was what absolutely did it for me. Nothing in comparison to low miles came close to this one.... I had decided on the black raven too, interior was open.

I got excited about the low miles but initially overlooked the short life left on the warranty due to time. I followed up w/ my local dealer and they are quoting the ext. GM warranty will be about $1600.

So, once I get behind the wheel and throw on the ext. warranty, I think I feel better about it.... and forget about a couple other ones that were out there for less. It's just the initial 'cheap-o' in me, I'll get over it!

I'm paying 34k.... right about where the book value is.
If you're interested, it was eBay item number: 110417427629

I'm excited! :D :cloud9: :D

07-31-09, 10:17 PM
1400 for GMPP....thats high it costs the dealers around 650 if I recall...tell them you want 500 bux off


07-31-09, 11:01 PM
It's gorgeous. I almost pulled the trigger on a car from those guys last summer. They have amazing rides. Congrats!

08-01-09, 08:45 AM
Congrats on finding you one that fits your requirements. If you're a shopper, do a little shopping around on the GMPP warranty and see what you can find. But it is definitely something I would recommend, mainly just for piece of mind with an extended ownership. :)

08-01-09, 11:37 AM
^^^^ very true. Worth every penny on these big ticket machines.


08-02-09, 04:35 AM
Thanks for the heads up on the GMPP.... that's definitely the way I'll go. The GMPP site's quote seems a little more expensive compared to the sales rep, but I'll have to make sure we're comparing terms. It looks like I can add the GM "Major Guard" for +5 years and +50k miles for $1820 w/ 100 deductible. (or 1480 for 40k miles). Either way, that seems pretty reasonable to me.....

oh, I just realized looking over the summary of the warranty that it would cover it "up to the milage" I select, like 50k. It doesn't add that millage to the manufacturers... making it a 100k limit.... so really, I'd just be adding years, since it's covered to 50k either way (minus time limit). That doesn't seem right. I thought when you bought an extended powertrain, it just generically moved extended the warranty to a flat limit, like 10 years / 100k miles?

If I added 5 years plus 75000 miles, it'd actually cost about $2700. Either way, all good.

08-02-09, 05:57 AM
I just threw the story with some pictures of my previous, and now totaled STS up in the STS forum. Here:


08-02-09, 08:54 AM
If I added 5 years plus 75000 miles, it'd actually cost about $2700. Either way, all good.

Check with the dealership and ask. When I added GMPP to my CTSV after I bought it, it was 100K added on, the paperwork expressly said it expired at a mileage of 109K. Once again possibly many different combinations of coverage possible.