: Scca T2 Cts-v Pics

07-23-04, 12:30 AM
Some pics of a T2 car!

Check out the roll-cage/racing seat and the CCW wheels (those are 18x9.5 all around with 275/35).

In addition to the safety requirements, here are (I believe) the only allowed mods:
1. Cadillac CTS-v, 2004, classified in TB 04-02, add to specs: Wheel size (in): 18 x 9.5 (F&R), Tire size: 275/35 (max) (F&R), Notes: GM Cooling Kit allowed, PN 25534461 Engine Oil Cooler Kit, PN 25534462 Transmission Cooler Kit, PN 25534463 Rear Differential Cooler Kit, PN 25534464 Brake Duct Extension (through fog light opening), PN 25534465 High Capacity Radiator Kit, and PN 25534466 Fuel Tank Sender Kit. A max of 275 tires on 9.5-inch wide wheels is allowed. This max. tire size supercedes TCS tire rule section 17.1.8.D.7.b.


07-23-04, 12:49 AM
...although that car looks lowered (pic w/CCW's) :hmm: :hmm:

07-23-04, 12:54 AM
In the second picture down, the front spoiler/air dam area looks stock height I think. :hmm: Since the wider wheels and tires are sticking out of the fenders, is that causing an optical delusion?

That front driver's bucket seat colors match well and looks good, any idea what brand it is?

07-23-04, 12:58 AM
Ron, could you get us prices on all those parts? :bouncy:

07-23-04, 01:03 AM
You might be right, but that tire is over 1" smaller than stock?! Extra weight from the roll cage??

Dont know what seat that is... but Mallett sells the Sparco Torino for the V:http://www.sparcousa.com/pseats_street.asp?id=95

PROBLEM is... no aftermarket seat for us... (unless you want to drive around with a harness)...remember that our seatbelts are integrated into our seats :rant2:

07-23-04, 01:08 AM
...just check gmpartsdirect... those part numbers dont show up... i'd guess they are not in the database yet... I remember the T1 Z06 parts took *forever* to get into the gmpartsdirect system.

They are there now: http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/results.cfm?singlepart=1&partnumber=12480062

07-23-04, 08:25 PM
Stock springs...

A few more to drool over...

Unfortunately, the CCW 18s dont really work as a street wheel...