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07-30-09, 06:19 PM
First I would like to say that I followed a lot of tire comments here and got a lot out of them. The original reason I joined this forum was to find out if anyone else was unhappy with their Pirelli Run-Flats. The first time I took my new 06 STS-V In to complain about the tire noise, I had just 100 miles on it. I was told that it was inherent in the run-flats, but I kept going back to complain over the next year and a half or so, about the noise. It kept getting louder and louder and when the dealer did not respond, I finally contacted customer service. Another year went by (Yes I said year) and finally customer service convinced the dealer to replace the tires. However, the timing couldnt have been any worse, since they were going out of business and sold the franchise to the Chevrolet dealer in town. They told me I could just go over there and they would take care of everything. Now, by this time, I had 23K miles on it and the other dealer just laughed at me. They not only refused to do anything but they were unnecessarily rude. I was furious, but pretty much gave up on getting any satisfaction. I had already quit getting the oil changed at the dealer and only used them for warranty service. About two days later I got a general email from Troy Clark, President of GM. It apparently went out to millions of people explaining GMs situation and wanting their loyal customers to continue having faith in the company. I decided to write a letter to him and explain my situation. I listed every car I had for the last 48 years. Eighteen of them, all but one was a GM. I soon got a call from one of his assistants and to make a long story short, she got everything straightened out and the Chevy/Caddy dealer put my new Michelin PS tires on yesterday. I was quite please. Now I was just pleased to have that resolved, but the assistant called me today to make sure I was happy. I told her the only way I could be happier is if she had gotten involved 3 years earlier. Then she offered me a two year/24K mile service plan to pay for the oil changes on my car. It was a fine gesture and I am glad to see that they put their money/service where their mouth is. Im glad to be back in the GM fold.

07-30-09, 06:40 PM
Hopefully you had the @ hole dealer put them on and not some other place! I would say to take your car to that dealer for the free oil changes but who knows what my happen.

07-30-09, 07:04 PM
Pilot Sports are a might fine tire, let's hope you don't get a flat.

07-30-09, 07:51 PM
Glad to hear you were finally able to get things resolved and GM did see that you were taken care of. :thumbsup:

I'm now on my second set of non run flats (Michelin PS A/S Plus this time) and will get to see how long their wear time is on the car.

09-25-09, 03:10 PM
congrats!! Can youprovide any info on contacting GM at that level? I am having Pirelli tire problems and Pirelli is washing thier hands of it. I am back to needing GM to resolve this.

09-26-09, 11:19 AM
I wrote directly to the Group Vice President, who is also President of GM, NA (No not Obama) and got a personal phone call from one of his assistants. She took it from there. Here is his address:

Mr. Troy A. Clark
Group Vice President
President, GM North America
100 Renaissance Center, 482.A00.MAR
Detroit, MI 48265

I prefaced my problem with remarks such as "If you are serious about keeping the loyal customers you now have"....etc. Good luck and let me know if they do help you out.

09-28-09, 11:40 AM
Thank you very much. I am going to try exactly that and took photos of my current FIVE GM vehicles to address the loyalty issue. Pirelli has been very uncooperative and useless. I tild them they ought to have their R&D people start reading this Forum o see how many Owners think these tires are junk! ITs not the carm its the tire and they want NOTHING to do with it. Ironic that this many people are having problems with these tires? I dont think so!!!