: How to fix 97-99 Deville turn signal flasher

07-30-09, 02:16 PM
Here is how to fixed my 99 Deville turn signal flasher.Use simple tool one flat screwdriver and new turn signal flasher part number 3548813 or get it from junk yard (free).

08-20-09, 08:26 AM
Nice writeup and pics!. I wonder if the flasher for the 94 Deville 4.9 is in the same location. I spent 30 minutes laying on the floorboard looking for it to no avail. Anyone ever changed a flasher on a 94 and can comment?


08-24-09, 02:05 PM
I got my flasher from 94-96 deville.They are the same location.

11-27-09, 01:15 PM
Very helpful...thanks.

11-30-10, 07:41 PM
very nice , thanks a million. My 86 year old dad will thank you as well !!!

08-22-14, 02:12 PM

Do I have to be concerned with breaking any plastic or tabs when prying out the dimmer switch / gas door trunk release panel?
How difficult is to locate and remove the flasher?
How difficult is to re-connect the flasher with the metal tab to correct location?

In advance, many thanks . . .

08-22-14, 03:15 PM
The panel just pry's out, a little on each side at a time using a interior pry tool. The flashers easy to replace, small tabs like all the other stuff. Take your time and you won't snap them off either. Flashers under drivers side dash.